Welcome Everyone!

Hi there! My name is Chad. I love to learn new things every day.  I also love to simplify difficult things so that others can learn as welI.

Many of the things take days, hours, weeks, months or even years to figure out.  I like to take the tangled mess of paths I took to learn something and filter out only the good, important pieces so it can be retaught within minutes or hours.

For example, imagine I want to make scrambled eggs but I’m entirely unfamiliar with cooking.  I would begin researching the topic, attempting to find the best instructions available.  As I search I read that the best eggs are made on a non-stick pan.  I then go off to figure out what that is exactly and discover which pan is the best bang for the buck.  If I need to buy one, I like to make sure it has many of the best features non-stick pans can offer.  I also like things I purchase to be durable so I will not need to purchase another for a long time.  Finally, I make sure it is one that is competively priced.

Eventually I land myself a sweet Cadillac of a pan and i’m ready to eat!  Nope, I need to understand which type of eggs are best.  Differences between white, brown, large, small, quail, chicken, free range, etc.  Long story short, I end up learning the proper way to whisk the eggs so that the are fluffy, discover the perfect heat settings, how to tell when they are cooked, etc.

In this example, I take all of the things I’ve learned and simply explain the good parts.  “Make sure to purchase a good non-stick pan, any type of egg will work, however myself, I prefer farm raised eggs.  When you scramble the eggs, make sure to use an actual whisk.  Whisking creates bubbles in the egg, which makes fluffy eggs.

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